Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scooter Stars

Last week Room 9 were able to attend a session on Scooter Skills, organised by the Ride On team at Sport Tasman.  The instructors talked to us about safety on our scooters, how to fit our helmet, what our scooter needed to have and how closed shoes is a must to protect our toes.

We learnt techniques to turn safely, change feet while riding on our scooters for when our legs got tired and about watching out for sneaky driveways.  We even had some fun races at the end - gliding race and sitting down on your scooter race!

Everyone who participated had an amazing time learning about scooter skills and safety.  Thank you Sport Tasman!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Enviro Agents

Is this you??

On Friday there will be a meeting for any students who are interested in becoming an Enviro Agent for the school.  Go along to hear what it is all about in the Library at lunchtime, 12.45.  Room 9 will be selecting two Enviro Agents this year to represent our class.

DIscovery Time in Room 9

Every Friday Room 9 have Discovery Time.  It's a great way for us all to demonstrate out developing Key Competency Skills.  Problem solving, helping each other and negotiating are just some of the skills we use while we are creating!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Suter Trip to Pale History

Last week Room 9 were lucky enough to visit the Sally Burton exhibition called Pale History.  We had lots of wonderful parents to come along and help us discover about this historic New Zealand event where 26 people died.  This was the first major conflict to happen between Māori and Pakeha following the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.

We hope you enjoy watching the video and seeing our artwork up in the classroom.

Pale History from Kathryn Robertson on Vimeo.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Start of term fun

Room 9 students have had a great start to the year, meeting new friends as well as reuniting with old ones.

We have enjoyed swimming in the school pool and playing games under the shade of the trees, making the most of the hot summertime.  In class we have been getting to know each other and the classroom.  We have even been doing some maths !

Getting to know each other has been fun.
We enjoyed working together to make play dough at Discovery Time.
Face painting by Nana Paula was a real 'hit'.
We even had time to concentrate on our first go at Basic Facts for 2018

This is going to be an amazing year!